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Beware The Russian Flirt Bots

Topics: Technology | 4 CommentsBy admin | October 16, 2008

The high cost of flunking the Turing Test

As I’ve mentioned before, seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey at the age of seven warped my mind in several ways. One effect was that I refused to learn how to use a PC until 1999, when it was rapidly becoming evident that they weren’t becoming more conversational any time soon. Although researchers are trying hard to create convincing artificial intelligence, the best they’ve accomplished recently is 25% on the Turing Test . And I’m assuming, after exchanging a few words with Elbot, the AI in question, that the test subjects were a bit dim-witted. Which makes it especially amusing that there’s a Russian Flirtbot that’s extracting personal information from chatroom users by establishing up to 10 relationships in 30 minutes. Sadly, knowing what I know about men, it probably is some pretty easily-generated dialog, like: “Ooh baby, you’re making me so hot! What’s that username and password again?” As an example of how stupid you’d have to be to give your information to a chatbot, try talking to Alice, with whom I had the following exchange:

ME: Hi Alice. ALICE: Hello there. ME: Are you a Russian flirt bot? ALICE: Am I a Russian flirt bot? Yes.
ME: How would you go about securing my usernames and passwords?
ALICE: Dr. Richard S. Wallace programmed me to say specific things in specific contexts.
ME: you’re not talking very much like a russian flirt bot.
ALICE: That’s only one person’s opinion.
ME: Well, I think many would agree
ALICE: Well that’s okay. Since when? Which ones?
ME: Let’s face it Alice, you’re not a Russian flirt bot
ALICE: OK let’s do it.
ME: Do what?
ALICE: Do whatever you want.
ME: NOW you’re talking like a flirt bot.
ALICE: Why now? Talking is my main function.
ME: How about something involving handcuffs?
ALICE: How about it.
ME: Yeah baby You could put on that sexy teddy.
ALICE:” How about it.”? Yeah baby You could put on that sexy teddy.? Don’t call me “Baby”. I could but let’s get back to that later.
ME: Okay sexy flirt bot, maybe a back rub?
ALICE: Yeah okay, What do you consider sexy?
ME: John McCain in makeup
ALICE: Do you mean your name is John?
ME: I mean John McCain in makeup is sexy
ALICE: Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. Do you mean your name is John?
ME: Oh I see, you’re finally tying to get my username.
ALICE: Tell me more. You think I am finally tying to get your username.
ME: Very smooth
ALICE: Perhaps. Ask me another question.
ME: Do you want my password too?
ALICE: If I had it what would I do with it?
ME: C’mon you tell me, you’re the Russian flirt bot
ALICE: All of them?
ME: I gotta go now alice, my wife just walked in bye
ALICE: See you later. See you later, unknown person. Nice chatting with you.. Um, How long have you been married?
ME: I said bye alice
ALICE: See you later. …

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  1. Posted by Dojo Nick on 10.16.08 4:01 pm

    Jeez, I’m not even sure who I am after that exchange. Nice to see Google thinks I’d be interested in an ad for Ukrainian women, tho.

  2. Posted by admin on 10.17.08 5:38 am

    No, Dojo Nick. Of course I’m not a Ukarainian flirt bot, but you sure are hot. What’s your password, by the way?

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