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Does Artificial Intelligence Equal Genuine Stupidity?

Topics: Technology | 2 CommentsBy admin | September 4, 2009

Dissociated Press is being run by an artificial intelligence today. Go ahead and talk to it.

More than one person has suggested that my writing could easily be replicated with a fairly small number of monkeys with typewriters, and that Dissociated Press could be replaced with automated link aggregator software. I can’t afford any monkeys, and offhand, I don’t know how to program a link aggregator, so I’ve decided an artificial intelligence would suffice. And I promise it’s not a Russian Flirtbot. Today, YOU are writing the content, and the site will talk back to you. Maybe not all that intelligently, but how smart a web site do you expect at the price you’re paying. I mean, 99.6% of you don’t even click on the ads! Have a nice chat:

The chatbot above is provided by MyCyberTwin. It has a personality that has been customized to match mine, and should learn from everyone that talks to it. Here’s the personality profile it’s based on:
Give it a whirl. It probably beats reading my writing and commenting on it ;)
HAL will be tabulating your entries.

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