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Any USB Port In A Storm

Topics: Technology | 1 CommentBy admin | September 1, 2008

Six fun things you can stick in your port

Thank God that in these troubled times of famine, war, hurricanes, and global warming, someone can still find time to engineer a USB-powered humping dog. And if you’re into group action, check out the video at left. USB hub a hubba. There are many more uses for your USB port that may not have occurred to you. How about a USB Disco Ball? It would be a nice addition to your USB Pole Dancer . On the more practical side (okay, not much more) how about a USB-Powered Mini-Fridge, or maybe a USB Swiss Army Knife? Frankly, the weirdness of this all is making me a little tense. I think I’m going to have to spend a few minutes with my USB Frog Massager.

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