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Ladies Love Cool J MC

Topics: Politics | 2 CommentsBy admin | September 1, 2008

Does John McCain Need A Bitch-Slap?

Well, not all of them. Somehow, I don’t think the typical female voter in this country is falling too hard for this Sarah Palin thing. In fact, it’s such an utterly transparent move that I’m convinced that it was a short-term media ploy to recapture the press cycle after Obama’s speech, and that there’s going to be a scandal or two, she’ll be discredited, and the McCain campaign will make their final choice later, when it all benefits the campaign. Or maybe McCain is really just not so bright, and forgets there are other ways to destroy your opponent’s campaign. But then, I sometimes have trouble getting my mind around conservative American values. I mean, do Republican women really prefer PINK Women For McCain Mugs, and buttons with frilly patterns on them? Or is that just more luddite McCain campaign thinking? Ironically, their African Americans For McCain (don’t laugh, I know a few personally) buttons are white, and their Arab Americans For McCain buttons are black.

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  1. Posted by TeacherPatti on 09.01.08 4:21 pm

    You know what though? Sometimes when he’s alone in his room, he stares at his wall and in the back of his mind, he hears his conscience call. (Oh wait, no he doesn’t!!)


  2. Posted by admin on 09.02.08 1:59 am

    Yes, TeacherPatti, but when John McCain’s conscience calls, who will answer?