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Freedom Of Oppression And The Right To Dissemble

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | Add A CommentBy admin | September 1, 2008

Cop circles found in Minnesota

Cop CirclesSo, you’re thinking you want to get more politically active, maybe join some protests. Before you embark on your new activist career, ponder for a moment how you feel about spending some time in barbed-wire cages and maybe getting tased or pepper-sprayed a little bit. Smart protesters already avoid the designated protest areas; they’re usually set up well away from the politicians being protested. This practice presumably has its roots in events like the rabidly protested 2001 inauguration parade. Freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? These are the imagined reasons I’ve always been happy to be American, but do these freedoms exist any more? I personally haven’t tested them with any vigor, but just look at the picture at left, for instance. In addition to the DNC preparations linked to above, the police have gone a few steps further prior to the RNC, and conducted sweeping raids, in at least one case without a warrant, and often prior to any protests actually taking place. Where is the corporate media as all this is going on? As activist Sheri Honkala pointed out in this Minnesota Independent piece, the police are rounding up so many independent journalists that at one event, the only reporter on hand was from Sweden. “So we had to go by way of Sweden to get news on the television,” she said.