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Don’t Poo Poo The Idea of Pee Pee To Charge Your Batteries

Topics: Clean & Green, Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | November 11, 2009

We’ve found some interesting ways to recharge your batteries, which includes a better use for your USB port than humping dogs.

For some reason I hope that’s orange juice

It just occurred to me the other day that except for the battery for my Movado, I haven’t purchased a disposable battery for over two years. Rechargeable is definitely the way to go, both economically and environmentally. We’ve touched on shaking up your battery routine before, but we’ve found some interesting and bizarre new ways to recharge since then. Number one: don’t poo-poo the idea of using pee-pee for recharging. You’ll be relieved to know that the Japanese company Aqua Power System has developed batteries that will let you use urine to recharge your batteries. Of course, you can also use beer, apple juice, cola, or saliva, but what fun would that be? I eliminated this choice right away in favor of getting some exercise while I recharge. UK mobile provider Orange introduced the the Orange Dance Charge last year, but alas, it’s specifically for phones, and may not even be in actual production at this point. Besides, I think bra power has received more support so far. For your broader recharging needs, you’ll want the Rakuten Pedal Charger. Fortunately its function and purpose are fairly obvious, because the “Engrish” on their site suggests things like “Every 45-90 minutes Please put him on the pedal at the speed of rotation. Before rotation, rotation after you both“. Let’s hope your CEO doesn’t catch wind of this; before you know it they’ll be making us run our companies on pedal power from the cube farm to save on energy costs. Speaking of life in the cubicle, you can also use your USB ports as battery chargers, which might be a better use than powering a humping dog. And lastly, for a really “cute” charging experience, just pop your batteries in the toaster.

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