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What’re You Worth?

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | Add A CommentBy admin | September 2, 2008

Fortunately for you, still quite a bit more than chicken.

Well, as parts, probably upwards of $7,000. The problem being that someone else gets all the money. If you’re actually still alive, things can be a little better, or a little worse. If you’re Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, you’re apparently worth around $232,000 a day. On the other end of the job prestige vs. income scale, a Thai prostitute gets about 500 baht (around $15) for a “long time”, which apparently is a night and most of the next day. Still not getting a solid sense of what you’re worth? Well,  HumanForSale.com will be glad to tell you, but if you’re dumb enough to complete all the questions on their site, just send me a few grand via that PayPal link in the upper right, and I’ll just as happily tell you what you’re worth. For a more scientific approach to all of this, check out this EvilMadScientist.com article. Did you know that LSD is worth 50 Million dollars a pound vs. diamonds, at a paltry 12.5 million? And who’d have guessed that pound-for-pound, hundred dollar bills are worth twice as much as cocaine? Although if you’re talking British Pounds, a dollar is only worth £0.55.