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The QE2, The Titanic, And Why I Didn’t Vote Last Week

Topics: Politics | 1 CommentBy admin | November 6, 2010

But I’m glad you were on deck screaming “I don’t think we should sink!” I’m sure it helped. Oh. And all these “bubbles” you keep hearing about? They’re normal when a huge ship is going down.

Context here if you don’t get this joke

Yesterday a friend asked me if I voted last week. I calmly said “nope”, to find myself on the receiving end of a laser-like liberal glare that screamed “how could you abandon us at this crucial juncture in history?“, but then out loud they said “Why the f— NOT? Are you RETARDED or something???” I then reminded my liberal friend that it’s not nice to say “retarded”, and went on to explain that my decision not to vote was part of my plan to accelerate my collapsitarian vision for a shiny new apocalypse. You see, what liberal, conservative, and especially that other bunch of voters seemed not to notice last week was the fact that Ben Bernanke had instructed Washington to print a bunch of money in a quantitative easing effort. For those of you not familiar with sophisticated economic terminology, 1 bunch=$600,000,000, and according to many, quantitative easing = bank bailout. To me the best part of this all is that since everyone’s calling it “QE2″, we no longer have to resort to that hackneyed “polishing the brass on the Titanic” line. The QE2, as you may recall, was the last of the great steam-powered luxury liners, whose only satisfied customers were probably the British soldiers that she ferried to the Falkland War. The debate will rage about this economic strategy until the results manifest themselves, but for one of the more balanced views of what’s going on (even if you do think he’s full of shibboleth) Paul Krugman sums things up here. And there’s one likely side effect of this cash injection that I find hilarious: in spite of the fact that if teabaggers had any idea what’s going on in the real world, they would be in a psychotic rage about the government printing a bunch of money at a time like this. But in their inexplicable ignorance, they’ll support it with every bone in their little heads, because clearly, if the rest of the world thinks an idea is stupid, it must be the patriotic thing to do. By the way, if you want to print your own money at will just like Ben, HowStuffWorks has excellent step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Posted by Terry Osterhout on 11.07.10 10:21 am

    Well, you are not alone. I didn’t vote either. I didn’t for a lot of reasons. Oh, I will in the next election and I WILL vote for Obama again (if he toughens up a bit) but I knew how my vote was going to work out here in California and my side won as I knew it would.

    Democrats and liberal office holders needed this beating because they have squandered their power, and time in office.

    We had the worst president in history in George W Bush and turning things around should have been easy.

    I wanted Tea Partyers to win so they could fail so miserably that Obama would handily win against Palin in 2012.

    I still believe but I am so fed up with the political system in this country that I cannot stomach it anymore.