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Why Is The American Political Process So Darn Serious?

Topics: Politics | 3 CommentsBy admin | June 1, 2010

Maybe American politics would benefit from some British style jeers and snarks.

Just think of how much
more fun Dick Cheney
would be with a wig.

As I pondered today’s Supreme Court ruling that in order to invoke your right to remain silent, you have to not remain silent, I was reminded once again that I no longer live in the country that I grew up in, but rather, a vaguely Orwellian version of it. I mean, it doesn’t get more “double speaky” than having to speak to affirm that you’re remaining silent, right? It’s a strange feeling to live in a new country without having gone anywhere. I don’t know if I like it. But it gets me pondering other nations’ governments. I mean, imagine if our leader stepped down gracefully whenever he screwed up. Or if the vocal outbursts typical of the British House of Commons were the norm in congress instead of the appalling exception. We’d probably watch a lot more C-Span. Especially if it meant we’d have some hope of hearing snarks like those of Winston Churchill in the last century like “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter“. Because you know that’s what most politicians in Washington are really thinking these days.

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