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Google Autocomplete: Sex, Infidelity, Body Parts

Topics: Technology | 4 CommentsBy admin | June 4, 2009

Google helps us ask the important questions, like…why do men have nipples?

Google’s autocomplete function can provide some interesting insights into human thought and interpersonal relations. Below are just a few examples. Have any odd ones of your own to share? I had no idea that the most pressing “Why Do” question in the world was “Why do men have nipples”. And likewise, I’m surprised that neither gender seems to know if the other likes pubic hair. I’m even more surprised that this the number one suggestion for both. I’ve also always thought kissing was a nice simple thing. But no, it’s rife with suspicions of adultery and safety concerns. And c’mon guys. Why so much harsher than the women?

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  1. Posted by Jordan Miller on 06.04.09 1:17 pm


  2. Posted by admin on 06.05.09 9:47 am

    Here’s another weird one (Thanks Marty Betts):

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