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Google Maps: Turn Left At The Light And Kayak 3,879 Miles

Topics: Technology | 1 CommentBy admin | July 14, 2009

We knew we’d have to get in a kayak at least ONCE if we drove from Detroit to Sydney, but this is RIDICULOUS.

Google has some serious quirks. We’ve written about the bizarre results of Google’s autocomplete function, and we were surprised to find that there really is a WTF, California. But when we decided to drive from Detroit, Michigan to Sydney, Australia, we were rather surprised to find some serious flaws in Google’s driving direction data. It wasn’t so much that Google was telling us to drive across the northern United States (see image at left), which – when factoring for the curvature of the Earth – probably added at least a thousand miles to the drive. And it wasn’t even when they said we’d have to kayak through the Strait of Juan de Fuca into the Pacific Ocean. What really took the cake was when Google suggested we had to kayak first 2,756 miles to Hawaii:

And then kayak another 3,879 miles to Japan:

Adding insult to injury by displaying the next 60 steps in Japanese, and…

Then we had to kayak yet another 3,358 miles to the Northern Territories…

…to finally get more driving directions to end in Sydney:

We expected to get in a kayak at least ONCE on
this trip, but THREE TIMES? Get it together, Google!

By the way, if you think we faked any of this, see for yourself:

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  1. Posted by Havalina Gurevich on 07.14.09 9:31 am

    HAHAHAHA! Kayak?? that is the google equivalent of driving? at least it didn’t tell you to swim! btw, if you get a smart car it’ll probably fit in the kayak :)