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Moon Control To Major Sam: Moon The Movie

Topics: Popular Media | Add A CommentBy admin | June 5, 2009

Moon, a movie directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell, is slated for release June 12 and features a voice appearance by an aptly-named Mr. Spacey.

You will rarely see the words “$5 million low-budget indy sci-fi film” in the same sentence, but this is one possible description of the film Moon, starring Sam Rockwell (Hitchhiker’s Guide, Assassination of Jesse James, Frost/Nixon), and slated for release June 12. Another description could be “brave foray into familiar yet unexplored territory”. The film, directed by Duncan Jones (née Zowie Bowie) is – on the surface – a retro-styled sci-fi film that visually suggests older films like Silent Running, 2001, Alien, or Outland. However, beneath the familiar but striking visual style (which was actually dictated to some degree by the film’s low budget) is a story that, in the director’s words, is “…about alienation; it’s about how we anthropomorphize technology; it’s about the paranoia that strikes you when you are in a long distance relationship; and it’s about learning to accept yourself…” The film was originally inspired by the book Entering Space by Robert Zubrin, and explores questions raised by the specter of space exploration driven by profit rather than pure scientific interest, which may reasonably raise questions like “without any locals, without human rights groups or oversight to keep an eye on things, what might a company try to get away with?”. The film was shot in just 33 days, with the budget mentioned, and a cast that is primarily comprised of Sam Rockwell in multiple roles, with Kevin Spacey providing the voice of the moon base’s computer Gerty.