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Best & Worst Green Celebrities

Topics: Clean & Green, Popular Media | 2 CommentsBy admin | May 5, 2009

Aside from the Jolly Green Giant, which celebrities are really living green?

Honourable Mention

A friend of mine told me the other day about how U2 guitarist The Edge is putting celebrity residents of Malibu, CA in a tizzy by building five mansions on a local mountaintop for an estimated $15 million. Although The Edge claims the building project is taking a completely green approach, locals point out that this is irrelevant, as it will create a “permanently scarred mountainside” (I’m giving the “Best Headline of 2009 Award” to the Irish Tribune News for “Richest nimbys in US row with Edge over plans“). So this got me wondering: aside from the Jolly Green Giant and a few hot Sci-Fi chicks, which celebrities are really living green? Well, PETA has once again picked the sexiest vegetarians alive, Natalie Portman has a line of eco-friendly footwear, and a lot of celebs drive green cars. Let’s face it, it’s kind of a given that a celebity’s publicist will make sure that there a lots of green photo ops, like George Clooney posing with his Tango, but how green can you really be if you have to take jets, limos, and security teams with you everywhere you go? The Chicago Tribune has a slide show of not green celebrities, where we learn that Celine Dion, for instance, uses 18,000 gallons of water a day for a home she doesn’t live in, and Treehugger.com informs us that when Woody Harrelson forgets to pack his favorite vegan belt and shoes, he has them flown by jet to Cannes. Our pick for best green celebrity? Green Day’s partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council. You’ve gotta be a little punk to really be green.

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  1. Posted by Hava on 05.05.09 10:14 am

    I have some issues with how they calculate all this… because there’s no truly objective standards for this, every group basically measures it from their perspective of what matters. a couple of examples:
    1. so called “vegan” shoes… unless they are made from recycled natural rubber (which high end ones are not) they are made from mad made materials that are synthetic. faux-leather…isn’t that basically some kind of vinyl? a petroleum by-product that takes forever to decompose…and is toxic to produce in the first place?

    2. people need to get from place to place. is a plane flying from coast to coast, carrying 200-300 passengers really worse than same 200-300 people all driving in their cars across country? I don’t know… but I’d like to know…

  2. Posted by TeacherPatti on 05.05.09 12:25 pm

    Hava, preach is sista!! I have heard that plane rides are worse than the car rides. I am an avid car driver (unlike everyone else in this Gd’d town [Ann Arbor]) and so I was delighted to bring that up to my friends who OMGWTFBBQ!!!!11!!1! couldn’t conceive of driving !!!! to work, but fly all over the place. :)