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Star Trek Physics And Why Green Chicks Are Hot

Topics: Popular Media | 2 CommentsBy admin | April 8, 2009

The physics are obvious enough. But what is this thing I have for green women?

Green Chicks Are Hot

The original Star Trek television series, for better or worse, has influenced my life in two profound ways: 1.) I’ve been disappointed with our primitive technology my entire life, and 2.) I think green chicks are hot. Although I’m not really a sci-fi fan per se (I mean, I don’t write 7,000 word treatises on how transporters work, for instance), some of my favorite pop media (Blade Runner, 2001, Ray Bradbury) are in the genre. And the original Star Trek was one of my favorite shows as a kid. That’s why I’m excited to hear that the responses to an early surprise screening of the upcoming film were mostly very positive. The Star Trek franchise has definitely had a bumpy history. In case you’ve been living in an alternate universe and need a primer, Cracked.com has a humorous and informative overview of the best and worst of the Star Trek oeuvre. If you’re already something of a fan, you might find Top 10 Things I Hate About Star Trek a little amusing, with observations like: “…we also know what the worst job on the Enterprise would be: having to squeegie the holodeck clean“. Which is something I’ve always thought about. I mean, given basic human nature and the fact that 90% of internet traffic is spam about penis enlargement or porn being downloaded, do we really think the Holodeck would be used any differently? If you’re more of a realist, or perhaps a teacher looking for way to make basic physics more amusing, check out The Physics of Star Trek, wherein they demonstrate with existing physics how “warp drive” would require more energy than our Sun will produce in its lifetime. Or how, although a holodock is theoretically possible, “Eventually you’ll hit the wall if you walk around“. Which is all fine and well. What I really want to know is why do I think green chicks are so hot?

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