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Vitamin String Quartet: Sex, Drugs, And Violins

Topics: Music | Add A CommentBy admin | April 9, 2009

Heartfelt covers of everything from Jimmy Buffet to Radiohead, played by a string quartet.

I’m usually not at all fond of “clever” covers of music that juxtapose genres like “Switched On Bach” or the “101 Strings Orchestra Play The Beatles”. Unless, of course, it’s the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain doing playing the Theme From Shaft, or almost anything by Nouvelle Vague. I ran into another exception yesterday. It all began innocently enough; an acquaintence shared a link to a Delerium video with Nerina Pallot singing. I got curious about Nerina Pallot, ran across her tepid rendition (she’s otherwise really talented, don’t get me wrong!) of “Love Will Tear Us Apart Again”, and as so often happens on YouTube, I noticed the Vitamin String Quartet version in the sidebar. That led to another hour of checking out their stuff on YouTube before ending up on Amazon buying mp3 downloads. The quartet covers everything from Jimmy Buffett to Nine Inch Nails , and you can tell the players they hire have a feel for the music in many cases, rather than just being washed up classical hacks who couldn’t get a real orchestra gig. But don’t trust me, compare Paramore’s Hallelujah with the Vitamin String Quartet’s version. They also do a great job with Creep (and interestingly, someone’s already remixed it as a 3-Part Canon) . The whole catalog’s probably easier to peruse on their site (but I don’t make any money that way!), and I imagine that as well as doing genuinely listenable covers, some of it would be excellent kitsch as well. I mean, somehow I can’t imagine a heartfelt rendition of Korn or Marilyn Manson played by a string quartet.