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Sympathy For The Devil

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | Add A CommentBy admin | November 29, 2008

Bankers are people too, you know.

As you float along in a mild state of panic, slashing your food budget and wondering what will happen with your mortgage and your kids’ futures, have a heart and take a moment to think about the gold diggers and the men whose money they love, won’t you? It’s bad enough those poor Wall Street bankers are having to cut back on their mistresses, now their wives are turning on them too. Apparently, the heart-wrenching story in that last link could have been avoided by taking a cue from other cultures. See this how to beat your wife clip on YouTube (someone please verify the authenticity of the subtitles; that is downright creepy). Yes, divorces are on the rise on Wall Street. But don’t judge these people as materialistic and vain; according to Psychology Today, love has NEVER been a good reason to marry. Maybe these guys should have spent less time looking at their financial calculators and more time looking at their divorce calculators. As a male, things could be worse though. Just ask a Redback Spider.