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Top 10 List of Best of 2008 Lists

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | Add A CommentBy admin | November 30, 2008

Time for the annual list of best of lists…

George Bush Could’ve Benefited
From Better List-making Skills

I like a good list. If I’m going to the store, I make a list. If I have problems, I make a list. Years ago though, a Chinese fellow I worked with said to me “You know, you Americans are funny. Everything has to have a numbered list. Who are the top five teams, what is the best music? Why is this?” I made up some answer about how prioritizing things makes us the most productive country on Earth. He ironically countered with a list of things China invented that makes them great. The Internet is toxic with lists. Why, for instance, are there 22 Most Sensational Midgets ? Why not 10 or 20? The most annoying top-whatever lists are on sites like Wired.com, where they put one item on each page to generate ad revenue from extra page views. But I digress. It’s that time of year again. Fimoculous will do a decent job of rounding up the top lists of best things in 2008, but their list is a little thin right now. Any suggestions? I’m partial to the longer, larger view, things like The 100 Most Influential Taglines Since 1948 or the Top 10 Reasons Why Sex At The Speed Of Light Is Not An Advisable Form Of Procreation. But I’m open to ideas. Help me out.