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Post-Palin Depression

Topics: Politics | 5 CommentsBy admin | November 27, 2008

Election afterbirth and turkicide

Like a lot of pseudo-intellectuals, I’ve been submerged in a deep depression since the election. How are we going to talk about fixing the world’s problems if one of us is actually working on them? How could life be worth living without Sarah Palin to make fun of, and nut-jobs (okay, let’s show a little sensitivity, she has a disorder,after all) like Ann Coulter to whine about? And although some suggest only science fiction could save us from our economic woes, this Obama guy might surprise us. Fortunately, just when I thought my liberal intellectual angst had been rendered a relic, Ann Coulter did something we’ve all prayed for for ages, and got her mouth wired shut. And just in time for the holidays, the grizzly, Thanksgiving-themed Sarah Palin clip featured here showed up. Watch the guy in the background while she calmly rambles on in her repetitious, sound-bitey, youbetcha way.

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  1. Posted by TeacherPatti on 11.28.08 10:49 am

    I think that’s a Burberry scarf she’s wearing. Want.
    I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Sarah. Just wait…she’ll be back! :)

  2. Posted by admin on 11.28.08 11:10 am

    I can’t tell a Burberry from an Hermes, but I think that’s a crimson scarf that turkey’s wearing. Yucky.

  3. Posted by Dojo Nick on 11.30.08 9:30 pm

    C’mon, Ian, I’ve seen you eating turkey…

  4. Posted by admin on 11.30.08 10:04 pm

    Although I don’t recall that specific moment, I admit I’ve eaten plenty of flesh in my life, including turkey. BUT I DIDN’T HAVE TO STICK IT’S HEAD IN A MECHANIZED FUNNEL AND WATCH ITS LEGS TWITCHING IN AGONY AS IT DIED! In fact, it’s quite often plated with side dishes before I get to it. ;) I’ve always said I’d go veg if I had to kill my dinner. Hmm. Next big liberal elitist treehugger trend: natural death meats! Yum!

  5. Posted by Terry on 12.10.08 12:41 am

    I’m sorry you are depressed Ian. I wish I wasn’t so elated and upbeat about having Obama in office but I just can’t help it (it also doesn’t hurt that I just bought Obama’s Senate Seat and I’m effing psyched about my own brand of CHANGE!!!