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Can You Write Stupid?

Topics: Comics | 1 CommentBy admin | February 4, 2013

Try your hand at writing stupid, with the “Up Goer Five Text Editor”, which limits you to the thousand most commonly used English words.

The Original

This may be the most stupid thing you read today. Why? Because I am using only words that are in the ten hundred most used words. Why? because I’m trying out the up goer five word making thing. If people tell you that you use too many big or strange words, maybe you should give it a try too. It’s easy to stick to the ten hundred most used words if you’re talking about simple stuff like I am here, but things get a little harder if you are trying to explain stuff like the things that brain strong people do or movies. Interesting that the word “movies” is in the top ten hundred but not the word that I had to call “brain strong people”. Under here is one try a guy did at doing this about brain strong stuff. Probably the funniest shot at it was the first one on that funny computer pictures place. A piece of it is on the left. I still have one question. Why the hell is “goer” in the top ten hundred most used words?

From Ten Hundred Words of Science, which by the way is not a word in the top ten hundred:

“Sometimes, the places where animals live get broken up. The animals that live in each of the different pieces start to become a little different from the animals in all the other pieces. This is not the kind of different that you can see. You can only find out how different the animals are if you look at the stuff that has the directions for making the animals. It is important for the animals in each of the pieces to sometimes have babies with animals from other pieces to make sure the animals in each piece stay well, especially if there are only a few animals in a given piece.

I study how the space and kinds of places between the pieces (places like roads, water, places that grow things) change how different the animals in the pieces become. I am also looking at how things that only happen sometimes, like water covering large places change how different the animals in different pieces are.”

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