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Unmitigated YouTubidity

Topics: Missing Links | Add A CommentBy admin | January 29, 2013

This week’s links you may have missed include lots of vehicular vidiocy, a little “schneedenfreude” (a word we just introduced into German), and the Holy Batting Cage.

As the old saying goes: “writing about YouTube videos is like dancing about reality shows”, so for this week’s Missing Links, we’ll spare you the excessive highbrow commentary, so you can dig straight in to the YouTubidity of it all. From cradle to CataCombo, we have it all. Clips below.


CataCombo Sound System by Pause

It’s a testament to the success of TheOnion.com and the death of meta-irony that – much like Meat Water – it’s hard to tell if this product is legit or a really elaborate attempt to create viral content. If it IS real, there may be some licensing issues. I can’t imagine the RIAA letting you perform copyrighted music for the rest of eternity without paying royalties, even if only to a dead person.

The Worlds Fastest Baby Stroller

It took a generation of annoyingly self-centered fitness freaks to come up with the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with iBaby Sound System, and this merely bumps it up a notch. Personally I think this video is better if you turn down the sound and play Simon & Garfunkel’s Baby Driver while you watch it.


Russian Highway Patrol

Just another day on the Russian freeways.

Department of Redneck Transportation Tire Testing

Somehow, this activity is a great metaphor for America too.

Why Drinking at Noon is a Bad Idea

Drinking and driving are a bad combination in more ways than you knew. Thank God this happened in Little Canada, Minnesota, where probably ALL bar owners have a Bobcat Front End Loader parked out back. Now we know why they do. For extra fun, say “Bobcat Front End Loader” in a Fargo accent.


The People vs Winter

Did you know that in German, there’s a word for people who think it’s fun to watch other people suffering in the snow?  The word is “schneedenfreude”. Actually, I just made that up based on the word Schadenfreuede and the German word for snow, “schnee”. But it works. Engage in some below.

The Pope Connects With A Few Balls

Back when using that phrase wouldn’t have evoked such a creepy image.