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Last minute WTF Christmas Ideas

Topics: Holidays | Add A CommentBy admin | December 20, 2012

Actually, the most “WTF” thing about this all is the article thumbnail and its caption. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Just sit on Santa's lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up, okay son?

The other day a friend of mine caught her eight year old daughter using “WTF” all over her Facebook comments. “Do you even know what that means honey?”, she asked. “Of course I do mom. It means ‘wow that’s funny’”, her daughter replied. Of course this didn’t actually happen, at least not in my life; that little story has been kicking around the web since at least 2008. But it’s perfect for filling in the word count on fluff pieces based on “WTF Christmas Presents”, so there you have it. We’ve done plenty of roundups of offbeat Christmas gift ideas¬† before, in fact, we did one just the other day. And although some of the stuff we’ve found was seriously weird, somehow we’ve never gotten around to doing a straight-up “WTF gifts” piece. So we figured with the end of the world (which scenario will it be?) just a couple of days away, we’d better squeeze one in. If you happen to be reading this¬†after December 21, 2012, go ahead and bask in the cocky assuredness that the world didn’t end after all. But then ponder something my friend Nick pointed out to me today, which is that maybe the world DID end. I’ll leave it to you to decide what that would mean about your existence, but for now, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Daddy Saddle They just don’t make gifts like THIS any more….
Cashel DaddleCashel Daddle Oh wait. Yes they do.
Play Doctor SetMelissa & Doug Doctor
Role Play Costume Set
When I was a kid, we didn’t need a “costume set” to play doctor, we would just go behind the — GOOD GOD. Is that a SYRINGE that girl is holding?
Maybe You Touched Your GenitalsMaybe You Touched Your
Genitals Hand Sanitizer
Hopefully somebody is touching your genitals this holiday season. And if they are, now they can clean up before preparing the cranberry sauce or wrapping gifts.
Banana SlicerChef’n Bananza
Banana Slicer
Is it just me, or is there a subtle hostility being expressed by the hand model? Trust me. Giving this gift to the man in your life will send a strong message.
Breast Feeding DollBebe Gloton
Breastfeeding Doll
You’re probably only going to have one of two reactions to this. Either you’ll think it’s the greatest thing since bra burning, and celebrate the fact that this doll inspired your daughter to throw away her toy baby bottles (or better yet, your son, right?), or you’re going to recoil in horror screaming “omgwtf can’t kids just be kids any more oh jeebus h chrysler whatistheworldcoming to????”
Like Dislike StampsLike and Dislike Stamps Admit it. At least once you’ve read an email or comment somewhere other than Facebook, and reflexively gone to click “Like”. Now you can do it in real life, and do away with ALL nuance in your commentary, not just on FB.
WTF Stamp
WTF Stamp
And while you’re at it, you can “comment” in real life with this handy WTF stamp.
Shot Glass CheckersShot Glass Checkers Set This should reinvigorate interest in checkers in the over three, under sixty-seven demographic.
Pet Petter
Pet Petter
As the package says, “Never touch your pets again”. And you can do all that never touching at an amazing 85 pats per minute!