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Get Your MojoWijo On With Ubisoft’s “We Dare”

Topics: Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | February 25, 2011

Sex toys for the Wii? Not really my speed, but I imagine there’s a wiimote possibility that I have a FRIEND who’s a customer. C’mon and ‘fess up with a product review.

Look, I’m no prude. I mean, not only did I go to a progressive grade school where we received exceptionally explicit sex ed in first grade, but I was also a teen in the era when your folks were considered puritanical freaks if there wasn’t a copy of The Joy of Sex casually but strategically placed on the coffee table along with a copy of I’m Ok, You’re Ok and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. But in spite of this – or perhaps, to be more honest – because of this, I’ve never really understood the desire to introduce a lot of gadgets into the lovemaking experience. Especially the kinds we’ve featured as scary holiday workplace gifts. I mean, if one puts their existing digits, limbs, and lips to good use, the possibilities are quite extensive. And sure, the occasional oil, restraint device, or provocative apparel is a no-brainer. But will someone please explain to me who the people are in the target market for the Wii controllers and games Mojowijo and We Dare? I’m sure this customer is silently lurking amongst my friends;  a couple of years ago I was amused to discover that an otherwise rather conservative female friend was staging regular sex toy parties and was into bondage. No biggie. Just kind of funny, to be frank. If you haven’t heard of them, Mojowijo is a controller that sends the gesture from your device to a remote recipient. Or wiimote wiicipient, as the case may be. And We Dare (it took me a while to get the “Wii Dare” pun) is a complete multiplayer game. A game that the developer Ubisoft apparently deemed too sexy for the prudish American market. Something that they’re so adamant about that as of this writing, they block the ability to even view the ad on YouTube in the states. We managed to embed it below anyway, thanks to IGN.com. To tell you the truth, at first we thought it was just a viral campaign; there’s no reference to the game on their main site. But here it is on their UK site . And about that “MojoWijo” device: Is it just me, or does it look more like a tool for alien probing or dental work than a sex toy (see below)? If you’re a Wii sex toy enthusiast, feel free to explain yourself in the comments. Wii won’t judge you. Wii just don’t get it. MojoWijo image and We Dare clip below.

Alien probe, dental tool, or sex toy? I guess (ahem) booty is in the eye of the wii holder.

The “We Dare” Promotional Spot