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2010 Elections: O Voter, Where Art Thou?

Topics: Politics | Add A CommentBy admin | October 29, 2010

While the line between real politics and satire continues to blur with serious media outlets pondering the “platform” of a comedy show event, the 2010 elections give birth to a Michigan politician with the interesting name Rob Steele.

What an apt name for a politician

This is shaping up to be one of the most entertaining elections since Homer Stokes ran against Pappy O’Daniel in the Coen brothers’ film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” The big news this weekend is of course the Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart rally in DC. We’ve already explained why we’re not falling for Nazi Vampire Stephen Colbert’s ruse, but the media in general is eating this up. We’re still struggling with the idea that no-one perceives Glenn Beck as deadpan satire, while serious media sources are on the edge of their seats waiting to see how the country’s new political heavyweights will frame their “platform” this weekend. This thing is being staged by a comedy network, right? Someone should point that out to Richard Pollock over at Pajamas Media, who’s all pouty that he doesn’t have a press pass. Why on Earth should a comedy show follow the same “access whore” protocol as a DC political machine? Pollock’s piece is comedy gold in itself; you can almost hear him stamping his feet as his verbal tantrum unfolds. I personally have no interest in attending the rally, if only because I hate using porta-potties. Besides, I have plenty of political comedy right here in the little college town I live in. Last summer we had Pat from Saturday Night Live running against Hannibal Lecter for mayor, and now we have a guy running for congress named – no joke – Dr. Rob Steele. For some reason I can only say his name as a series of verbs separated with periods, as in “Doctor. Rob. Steal.” This guy is a master of astroturfing; on his site he cleverly leaves out any proclamation of being a Republican, with his main pitch being that he supports Social Security. This means he’s either a liar or a retard really bad Republican; dismantling Social Security is – as we all know – the most important chapter of Frank Luntz’s GOP Playbook. Whatever weirdness comes out of this guy’s mouth shouldn’t be surprising though, his media firm takes great pride in the work they did for Christine O’Donnell, the Delaware candidate who demands to know “Where in the Constitution is the Separation of Church and State?” Doctor Rob Steele’s candidacy has also raised in my mind the question: who wants a doctor as a politician? Isn’t a doctor’s personal job security based on a constant stream of sick people and being in bed with the insurance industry? Doctor. Rob. Steele. For Congress.

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Doctor. Rob. Steele. For Congress.