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You Biatch! You Stoleded My Link!*

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | 1 CommentBy admin | August 3, 2010

Ever get a weird possessive feeling about the links you share? Me too. That’s because they’re ALL MINE. I just haven’t been sharing them. Help me name our new weekly “link dump” column.

I get depressed sometimes when I realize that my life is just a bunch of web links strung together with occasional real-life discussion, but mostly just connected by written commentary and link sharing on Facebook. It gets REALLY depressing when I find myself having an emotional response to someone sharing a link on their Facebook “wall” without crediting me, as if somehow it was MY link. Or if they get more comments in spite of posting it when it’s already a week old. “Stupid link sharing friend! I shared that link LAST WEEK!” This is one of the unfortunate side effects of maintaining a site like Dissociated Press. As I said to a friend once: “The Internet. I have seen it“. Out of the literally dozens of sources I comb regularly to bring you interesting stuff, I OMIT infinitely more than I share, because, well, they’re JUST LINKS. So I’ve finally decided to put this wasted pile of weekly links to use, with a regular “link dump” section. I just need a name for this new section on the site. “Linkdump” somehow doesn’t sound like something that would generate enthusiastic user engagement. So if you have an idea for a name, feel free to share. But enough delaying. On with delinking!

First of all, the two links that I’m most surprised haven’t been shared more:

InstantOilSpill.com and WhatTheF***IsMySocialMediaStrategy.com

Last week’s internet superstar was clearly Basil Marceaux, the Tennessee gubernatorial candidate who put the “goober” back in gubernatorial. We immediately did a roundup of Basil and other unusual candidates across the country, but guess what? Basil’s back, and he’s badder than ever. And he’s really got his message together this time. Check out his thoughts on gun control. He’s firm in his belief that we can’t NOT let nutcases have guns. Cuz the government has Patriot Missiles, and we have slingshots. And rocks. And stuff.

If you find Basil’s slant on politics interesting, you should really visit the site of one of his mentors, PLENIPOTENTIARY-JUDGE: David-Wynn:Miller. If you have trouble understanding what he says, he provides some guidance on Sentence Structure.

Personally, I find this box more interesting:

Another fun thing to link to are Flash-based doodads that require mind-numbing math and programming skills to be pretty and make noise but otherwise have no intrinsic value for the human race. Like the Andre Michelle Laboratory, which has a lot of cool things like pulsate and tone matrix. And one of the most bizarrely authentic synthesized acoustic guitar sounds you’ll ever hear. I say “bizarrely authentic” because it sounds sort of like acoustic guitar for the uncanny valley.

Sorry. Are you yawning? Perhaps it’s not my fault.

Perhaps you need to see some ants on a scanner. Five years of ants on a scanner, to be exact:

That is probably the greatest thing since the long-defunct Cat-Scan.com. Remember? When that guy ran that site where people put their cats on scanners? We’ve come a long way since then. Now we have…

The Internet Animal Orchestra. With autotune, of course.

Perhaps someone has pointed you toward that amazing web site devoted to MRI scans of food. I just want to point out this was done back in 2007, with a Big Mac. And the Big Mac MRI has a soundtrack. And is on YouTube. Can someone please tell that “Inside insides” guy about streaming video? There’s something a little Geocities about 20 megabytes of GIF’s on the same page. Anyway, here’s your Big Mac:

And if you find fruit so interesting, here are 16 cool things you can do with watermelons

The fact is, what people love most is stupid YouTube videos, so here’s last week’s roundup of…..

Airplane Prank – Pilot pretends to faint

New Method of Mass Transit Discovered in the Philippines

Washing Machine Self Destructs

Flushing 32 glowsticks down the toilet.

*The headline is a reference to the long-forgotten You Bitch! You Stole My HTML, c. 1999

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