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Is Throwing Puppies In The River Bad?

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | 3 CommentsBy admin | August 30, 2010

I think I may finally go fully vegetarian.

Be warned. The following includes some pretty grisly content. You may have seen or heard about the video of a girl taking a bucket of puppies and throwing them one-by-one into a river. Yes. A bucket of puppies. Unlike car accidents, which I’m pretty good at NOT stopping to gawk at, I had the misfortune made the mistake of watching this video (also below). It was incredibly upsetting. I was mesmerized by the tragic failure of humanity I witnessed. I really just felt sickened, and experienced a brief hopelessness that if a young girl could do this and video the whole thing and post it on the internet, what else are we capable of as humans? It seemed more horrible by an incredible magnitude than the woman in England who put the kitten in the wastebin recently. I’m not the only one to get upset; much like the vigilantism that took place with the kitty abusing biddy, users at 4chan have already initiated the hunt. But this raises two issues for me. First of all, sometimes these Human Flesh Search Engines end up going after the wrong person. And in the case of the girl and the puppies? As dementedly cruel as it seems, is it any more cruel than how the food industry treats the male chicks that we don’t want because they won’t provide eggs or enough meat? Or any of the other cruel acts against animals featured in movies like Food, Inc. or Death on a Factory Farm? I don’t eat much meat anyway. Maybe it’s time I finally instituted the don’t-eat-it-unless-I-kill-it-myself-policy I’m often pondering so I can be less of a hypocrite about girls throwing puppies in the river. Disturbing videos below.

One last warning: These are pretty disturbing vids.

You’ve probably seen the nasty lady tossing the kitten in the wastebin…

And by now you may have seen the girl throwing the bucket of puppies in the river…

But are either of these acts any more cruel than how we treat animals at processing plants?

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  1. Posted by marcel on 09.06.10 11:52 am

    what i really think about this stuff is how much this shows how hypocrit the society really is.

    we use animals for alle kinds of things including food, clothes and as child-alternatives. we imprison them, breed them as we like them. even having pets is in some way cruel. because these are often creatures who depend on us and would die alone. held in captivity, forced to live our ways.

    we removed them from everywhere we live, because were afraid of bears and wolves in our backyard.

    we USED animals in any way possible since the dawn of time.

    i guess it is in our blood. just because in modern times were not used to kill animals with our own hands anymore in the western world it doesnt that anything has changed. we just become hypocrits.

    i dont blame that girl. where she lives it might be the most normal thing ever.

    and if a war might fuck up our western world as we know it and hunger is torturing us even the last one who says now that he could never hurt a animal will kill a rabbit to be able to feed his kids and himself just one more day.

    we really should see that in perspective. my own idea is that we shouldnt forget that we ARE animals. we are as cruel as they and as weird as animals. and yes i believe animals CAN be cruel, they arent as dumb as we often want to see them. a cat most likely knows, that that mouse is feeling pain. maybe not in a way a human can get it, but the cat knows that this is a creature. maybe that is why its so much fun for the cat.

    the funny thing is that many ppl believe that animals are intelligent and can feel love as they judge it from the behaviour of their pets… but at the same time the neglect that animals can feel hate and evil. i think they can both, just as we can. at least mammels can do it.

    so… whats up for us?
    we should use our higher intelligence to minimize torture to animals. but i dont think we can change our nature. we will dominate animals in some way as long as we roam earth.

    this is not a voucher to act heartless, but i think we really should see things as they are.

  2. Posted by marcel on 09.06.10 12:07 pm

    the puppy-throwing is actually pretty normal if you think about it.

    in the western world pets that are overpopulating the area are killed with gas or poison. it happens everywhere and is a thing that is supposed “to be done”.

    if noone would do it much more pain would happen.

    and actually… as long as we dont level our cities and move back into natural caves fighting for our lifes with sticks against wild living predators while just eating plants and mushrooms it will never really end.

    we went to far. and it seems like there was no other choice. as with any other animal our instinct drives us to conquer and spread.

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