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Elite British Photobomber Paul Yarrow

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | 2 CommentsBy admin | July 29, 2010

We really need a better term than “photobombing” for the weirdos that insinuate themselves into the background of news broadcasts.

Paul Yarrow’s Mentor, Rollen Stewart

About a month ago someone sent me a link to this site, where they were pondering the identity of a “mystery man” who was constantly popping up in the background of live British newscasts. At the time, I blew it off; to me, a few of the shots looked Photoshopped, and I thought it suspicious that there were plenty of screen grabs, but no video. Well, it turns out there was a mystery man, and he has a message. In his words: “I could have a valid point about something but the microphone is always passed to the person alongside me. The point I am making is that the more you push me aside, the more I’m going to be determined to make my presence known.” Well done Paul, glad you finally got the mike so you could share that. Just don’t become the next Rollen Stewart, who – after becoming a regular fixture in sport broadcasts wearing a rainbow wig and holding up signs reading “John 3:16″ – ended his “career” with a kidnapping and standoff with the police in 1992. While you have to give Yarrow some credit for his media savvy, you shouldn’t give him too much. While there have been hundreds of streakers over the last few decades, only one of them had the sense to cut a deal with the internet casino GoldenPalace.com, the casino best known for spending $28,000 on a decade-old grilled cheese sandwich. Unfortunately for GoldenPalace, they paid him to streak at the same event at which Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction. We really need a better term for this kind of behavior; the term “photobombing” doesn’t really capture the meta-significance of a fat man devoting his life to appearing in the background of a newscast. Suggestions welcome.

A couple of the Paul Yarrow/Mystery Man Shots

Directo com Emplastro ?

Portugal has a news photobomber too. If you speak Portuguese, feel free to enlighten us as to what he’s all about. I ran a few Portuguese news items through Google Translate but they came out reading like Beat poetry.

Some Classic Celebrity Photobombs

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  1. Posted by sandra wilkinson on 10.08.10 6:30 pm

    how can you make a statement about the media,when it’s the media reporting. Well the media did not take it to kindly. The ‘daily mail’ Headline newsraider:just who is the tubbyman in the woolly pulley? …curiously he is not averse to fat bolding men in wrinkled white sweaters detracting from his statement with a quip.article credited to ben todd and vincent graff neither men met mr.yarrow. The good thing is that the media is playing in to mr.yarrow’s hands,with his statement. Mr.yarrow is not a weirdo just an ordinary person with a statement to say,what statement does ‘dissassociated press’ try to say other then cynism. Public love this man, the media is in a world of the own.

  2. Posted by admin on 10.08.10 11:27 pm

    Thanks for your thoughts, Sandra. To answer your question “what statement does ‘dissassociated press’[sic] try to say other then cynism”, I’d have to say that on balance, the content here is much more positive than you’re implying. Out of nearly a thousand articles, the majority are either inquisitive, humorous, or – when being serious – attempting to highlight the world’s injustices. I hope you’ll find the time to peruse more, rather than engaging in your own brand of cynicism and writing the site off because of a single article…