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CrimethInc – Anarchy For Fun & Profit

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | Add A CommentBy admin | July 25, 2010

CrimethInc is one of the best-organized non-organizations you never heard of.

I’ve often lamented the demise or sellout of culture-jamming publications like Might Magazine* and Ad Busters, which was part of why I was a little intrigued a few months ago when I saw the anti-consumerism video The Story Of Stuff that was making the rounds on the web. That is, until I dug a little deeper and realized that its creator, Annie Leonard – who comes across as a woman who cares and is making a difference – had a book published by Simon & Schuster, which is ultimately owned by National Amusements and Viacom, and that she was really just cashing in on the very system she opposes. Especially worthy of note is that one of her few programs is an assault on cosmetics, a product that this Simon & Schuster promo video makes abundantly evident she does not consume with any enthusiasm. So as a latent libertarian and aging punk-slash-anarchist-slash-pop culture crybaby, I was excited recently when I ran across CrimethInc, one of the best-organized non-organizations I’ve come across in quite a while. The site is much deeper than it appears; use the search box if you’re not finding something of interest. Their latest articles are about the G20 shenanigans in Toronto, but I found the Steal From Work Day campaign from earlier this year much more amusing. The have lots of free downloads of posters, stickers and literature, but if you want to give them money, they’ll sell you things too. They somehow manage to make the idea of an “anarchist store” palatable by using the hippy-dippy e-commerce support of Portland, Oregon’s BuyOlympia.com. Preview some of their goods below.

*One of Might’s best pieces ever was Hired and Fired Within 3 Hours! by Harmon Leon.

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