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The Death Of Meta-Ironic Hipsterism. No Really, I Mean It.

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | 4 CommentsBy admin | May 11, 2010

Do hipsters really even exist? If so, share your definition. We’re drowning in the recursive irony.

This rather pervasive and uncredited graphic
sums up my image of a hipster pretty well.

Today I ran across one of my favorite pop culture phenomena, the “meta-hipster reference”. It all started with a Village Voice blog post called The Most Epic Hipster Break-Up Text Message, Ever: The Interview!, which, since I don’t live in Williamsburg or Portland or wherever hipsters live these days, I might have found incomprehensible, but instead just found kind of yawn-worthy. But then a friend asked what a hipster was, and I realized that although I had some media-driven sense of what I thought a hipster was, that in fact perhaps no such thing exists, except when some hipster blog entry denies it’s existence, thereby confirming it. So I of course turned to the most trusted source on the internet for this sort of information. No, not Wikipedia – although the entry there amusingly paraphrases this 2007 Time Out New York piece thusly: “hipsterism fetishizes the authentic elements of all of the fringe movements of the postwar era—beat, hippie, punk, even grunge, and draws on the cultural stores of every unmelted ethnicity and gay style, regurgitating it with a winking inauthenticity and a sense of irony“. Which – while a mildly amusing take on hipsters, hardly captures the spirit. I mean, it misses the whole “death of irony thing” caused by the recursive meta-irony of being intentionally ironic while actually just being an educated but utterly unoriginal millennial. No, for a more insightful look into what hipster really means, I turned to Urban Dictionary, which has over 170 entries, featuring such gems as “twenty-something stroketard whose style of clothing conflicts with their demeanor, thus resulting in a spicy pseudo-intellectual with more flavor-of-the-month conversations than a long island prostitute“. Many of the definitions could have only been written by a hipster. I mean, who else would know what a conversation with a Long Island prostitute is like? If you’re not sure if you’re a hipster or not, there is of course a quiz. And to skip the whole hipster phase and become a meta-hipster straight away, familiarize yourself with Look at this Fucking Hipster (often NSFW). And please, for the love of God, if you know what the hell a hipster really is, enlighten us with a comment.

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  1. Posted by Eric Brown on 05.11.10 10:38 pm

    Um, not sure but I think if you hated someone in college or the college town you live in then they probably were – anyone who lived in A2 in the nineties probably ran across their king at some point…and you KNOW who I mean.

  2. Posted by admin on 05.12.10 7:39 am

    Maybe you could just describe them without naming names?

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