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Up Shit Creek Without An iPaddle

Topics: Technology | 2 CommentsBy admin | April 5, 2010

The tech blogs are being pretty hard on the iPad, but it’s an amazing device and probably has dozens of alternative uses that no one has even DREAMED of.

Poor, poor iPad. I was just joking the other day that ephemeral internet micro-celebrity Chris Crocker (of LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! fame) should do a new version on behalf of the iPad. Well, that didn’t take long. Anyway, I explained early on why I won’t be buying one, and assembled an extensive list of iPad alternatives for you, but I don’t HATE the thing; in fact, if I had more money and less work to do, I would totally buy one. It’s a fun and amazing device, and I’d love to have one for travel. Or bedtime. Or the bathroom. But try telling that to the tech/business press. They’ve only found one use for the thing – mopping the floor with it in their articles. Yesterday, Business Insider’s Jeff Jarvis shared that he really hates what apple is trying to do with the ipad (the headline’s different today, but look at the URL). He talks a lot about how it’s a retrograde, choice-limiting device (a common sentiment amongst techblog influencers), but he also has a great insight about how publishers like the New York Times are only on board because they “are deluding themselves into thinking that the future lies in their past”. Which probably IS one of the bigger problems it faces, because it’s almost certain that no one wants the expensive newspaper apps it offers. Besides, the irony of paying to read this NYT piece about how books are greener than the iPad might make your head explode in a sort of Hasselhoffian Recursion. So regardless of the negative spin the poor little iPad is getting in the tech press, it probably has a lot more potential than we realize. Although it can’t be used for feminine hygiene, it will change the world of fashion. And since it’s blendable (and cheap), you could buy two and make daiquiris with one, while using the *other as a serving tray , ala Pee Wee Herman. More images and clips below.

Just stick one of your iPads in the blender for daiquiris…

…and use the other as a tray to serve them:

And although you can’t use an iPad for feminine hygiene…

…it will change the world of fashion:

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