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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide From Human Flesh Search Engines & Your Cell Phone

Topics: Technology | 2 CommentsBy admin | March 5, 2010

You might as well come out come out wherever you are, because between Human Flesh Search Engines, cell phone GPS, social network analysis, and erosion of privacy rights, they’re gonna find you anyway. Unless of course you’re Osama Bin Laden.

I wish this were a parody graphic. It’s from
Google China’s Human Flesh Search page.

If you’re not paranoid or have nothing to hide, things like the UK’s millions of security cameras, the TSA subjecting you to cavity searches, and Google tracking everything you do won’t bother you, and may even comfort you somehow. Personally, although I’m not doing anything particularly questionable with my time, and am not ashamed of the questionable activities I do engage in, I enjoy the ability to say “none of your businesss” and go off into the forest to sit on a rock and think for awhile. Back in 2002, the fact that cell phone providers were going to add the GPS-powered E911 feature to phones raised the question what do they plan to do with this information? Well the answers are finally in. If you’re the Iranian government, they’ll help you prosecute and arrest political protesters. If you’re the FBI or the White House, they’ll help you track callers without a warrant, because the current administration – much like the Bush gang – believes that cell phone users have “no reasonable expectation of privacy” when using a cell phone. “So”, you say to yourself, “I’ll just ditch my cell phone then”. Ha. Forget it. They (whoever “they” are) will still find you, either using social networking like they did with Saddam Hussein , or with the latest in reverse lookups, disturbingly referred to in China as Human Flesh Search Engines. Interested in working part time as a “Google Human Flesh Searcher”? Explore your options here. I wonder if this would work for catching Osama Bin Laden?

This is apparently the Human Flesh Search Engine team over at Google China:

Well, we added Waldo. But that’s an actual image from the volunteer recruiting page.

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  1. Posted by jeannie beanie on 03.06.10 8:09 am

    welll yeeeyikes..

  2. Posted by Is Throwing Puppies In The River Bad? at dissociatedpress.com on 08.31.10 12:29 am

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