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They Spent $10 Billion Developing 3D Movies & All We Got Was These Lousy Glasses

Topics: Popular Media | Add A CommentBy admin | December 1, 2009

Will 3D bring people back to the theaters? Not if companies like Panasonic and Sony have their way.

Sorry, this clip won’t be available in 3D until 2012

As we pointed out in last month’s piece Hollywood’s 3D Conspiracy, there’s been quiet but consistent industry buzz that the film industry is pushing so many 3D films because it’s a technology that’s difficult to replicate at home, and will force consumers to keep filling seats at the theater upon release. Personally, my home is already three-dimensional with surround sound, but if your home is a little too two-dimensional for your tastes, fear not. The film industry is getting it a little wrong once again. First of all, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers started working on a standard in 2008, meaning that in a sense – as the linked article puts it – Hollywood’s new-found cash cow is walking out the barn door. And more importantly, home entertainment vendors like Sony & Panasonic are already rolling out big plans. Sony has announced their commitment to 3D that will be available on Bravia TV’s, Vaios, and PSP, and Panasonic is actually rolling out a full product launch with a nationwide truck tour. Learn more about Panasonic’s plans at their dedicated Panasonic 3D web site. Personally, I’m still holding out for a holodeck; even with all this new 3D technology you still have to wear glasses! In the case of Sony it’s these RealD glasses, Panasonic has a slightly more stylish version, but they’re both based on “Active Shutter” technology. Which in my typically paranoid, delusional fashion I’m deciding are encoded with secret messages that will turn the user into a 3D movie-buying zombie.

They don’t really look too bad…

…until you put them on: