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Forget Festivus, Global Orgasm Day Is Coming!

Topics: Holidays | 1 CommentBy admin | December 17, 2009

Between Festivus and Global Orgasm Day, you can rest assured that the North Pole isn’t the ONLY pole that’s getting some action this time of year.

Christmas is just around the corner (which is why we’ve provided so many offbeat shopping suggestions recently), but let’s not forget that Christians and capitalists aren’t the only people who celebrate a holiday in December. I know, you’re saying to yourself “I’m an educated, culturally sensitive individual, I know all about Festivus, The Holiday for the Rest of Us! “, but do you? Take the quiz and find out. And let’s not forget that it’s also time once again for the world to come together and, er, come together. Yes, for some of us, the real climax of the holiday season is Global Orgasm Day, which is on the solstice, which – as all you heathen pagans probably already know – is the 21st at 17:47 GMT. Give or take a few seconds. Personally, I like to combine these two holidays by buying my own very special Festivus Pole (the Peekaboo Hot Pink Party Pole Dancing Kit will usually suffice) and hiring a hooker. I’m sure some of you find that idea offensive, but spare us the comments here; you can share theme during the “Airing of Grievances” at Festivus Dinner, okay?

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