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Technology You Might Want To Get Your Hands On

Topics: Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | November 21, 2009

In home, motion-simulator iMax theater, epic marketing failure, and a device that any nerdy gamer guy would love to get his hands on, the BRA CONTROLLER.

Who wouldn’t want a motion simulator
chair like the DreamFlyer right in their
own home? Well, anybody who’s
not a total freaking nerd, I guess.

The information highway is littered with the debris of half-baked ideas for interface and input devices. Vintage sci-fi movies like Lawnmower Man and Johnny Mnemonic suggested a future in which we’d all be living partially in some kind of virtual world, wearing goggles and gloves to interact with it. Well, VR gloves do exist, but a quick look at a product like CyberGrasp raises the reasonable question: Why? Recently a friend was telling me about how cool their Wii was because of the fact that the shooting game they were playing gave a recoil feeling in the remote. I told them I’d get excited about this kind of feature when I could feel the bad guys shooting back. For some slightly more practical applications of your Wiimote, check out developer Johnny Lee’s do-it-yourself projects for Minority Report-like multi-touch interactive interfaces. It’s a little like an iPhone for your whiteboard. Then there are some interesting twists on the mouse concept. You may remember the now extinct and not-so-cleverly named CueCat for instance. Some of us received these doodads free in the mail back around 2000, as part of an attempt to tie real-world products with information on the web via bar codes. Although the marketing failed, thousands of CueCats roaming the wilds led to a large hacker community. Around the same time you could also get a free keyboard called a RocketBoard. The only thing that made it unique was that it had a bunch of orange buttons that acted as hotkeys to connect you to soon-to-be-defunct Internet Bubble startups or dinosaurs like AOL. One of the few descendants of this kind of “trapped in the box” thinking is the Open Office Mouse, which, although developed with the Open Office platform in mind, possesses none of its functional genius. In fact it’s a rather ugly and cumbersome-looking doodad. With a wire attached, no less. But if odd and customizable multi-button input devices are your thing, you might get one and supplement it with the Ergodex DX-1, which, to be fair, at least looks like it would be of some use to people with cognitive, sight, or motor impairment. Then there are input devices which make sense or are at least rather clever in some way, like the TactaPad, which is sort of like a tactile Wacom Tablet, or the Swiftpoint TriPed, which is a smart multi-purpose stylus/mouse conceived for use with tablet PC’s. While clever, they’re probably a little too counterintuitive or niche-market oriented. And if you’re into that whole interactive and immersive tactile experience thing, maybe you should hook your gaming system up to a Predator Motion Simulator or a DreamFlyer, stick it in your VisionDome¬† personal iMax theater, and go ahead and put that CyberGrasp glove to use. Personally, if I were looking for a tactile input experience, I might opt for Jenny Chowdhury’s bra-powered Intimate Controllers. An input device I’m sure the typical thirty-going-on-thirteen male gamer would love to get his hands on.

Jenny Chowdhury’s Intimate Controllers:

Both the Swiftpoint TriPed and the TactaPad make a lot more sense when you see them at work in a video:

The Open Office Mouse. Lots of buttons and…. a WIRE?!?

For a mere $16,000.00, the InMotion Simulation Predator can be yours.