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Stunning Building-Sized 3D Projections

Topics: Popular Media | Add A CommentBy admin | November 13, 2009

Dutch company Nuformer Digital Media generates some buzz with their mind-blowing building-sized 3D projections.

For a longer version of this demo, see the clip below

As something of a stimulation junky myself, I find it amusing that our actual reality, with its 3D visuals, surround sound, and full-function tactile and olfactory responses is simply not enough. We’re always trying to recreate that special 3D experience, and – usually – falling a bit short somehow. In spite of the fact that the film industry is making us slap the 3D glasses back on so they can charge us more money, and that free standing holograms made our Top 10 Disappointing Technologies list, some interesting headway is being made elsewhere. You may have seen the Puma Lift ad that uses 3D projection mapping to make it appear as if a dancing couple is being constantly transported to different landscapes and changing outfits magically. Well, Dutch company Nuformer Digital Media has taken this idea to an impressive new level with their ProjectionOnBuildings work (clip featured at left, more below). They don’t say anything on their site about how it works; they’re mostly trying to sell it to high-budget advertisers. But if you’re interested, here’s the math, as they say. The results are stunning. The last seemingly innovative projection technology to get some decent press kind of “mist the point”; as impressive as I02 Technology’s “Mid-Air Touchscreen Display” seemed to be (see a clip here), it required a fine mist in the air. Something that’s not really gonna fly in most boardrooms, no matter how impressive the results.

NuFormer’s Volvo ad is quite stunning:

Here’s a longer version of demo clip at the top of this article:

It’s helpful to realize that this the building they start with….

…and this is what they can do with it…