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Making The Unreal Real

Topics: Popular Media | 2 CommentsBy admin | November 15, 2009

What If Things Inside Your Computer Were Real?

I ran across a rather amusing real-world rendition of the Mac and Windows calculators yesterday (images below), which sent me on a little quest for similar items that explore the realm of “what if it were real”. Probably the most disturbing things I found were these realistic renderings of cartoon characters like Charlie Brown and Homer Simpson. Another artist has done the entire Simpsons family , and apparently there’s an actual Simpsons house in Las Vegas. But back to the idea of making things in your computer real, French artist Guillaume Reymond has created a series of vintage video games rendered with pixels as people for his GameOver project, including classics like Space Invaders (YouTube clip). This concept was put to more exploitive use on Italian TV (we’ve warned you about Italian TV before) with Human Tetris With Bikini Chicks. On a slightly more clever note, you may have already seen Internet Party and Internet Party II: An Intervention for MySpace, in which real actors play popular web sites at a cocktail party. Maybe we should start a Facbook group demanding an updated Facebook/Twitter version. And more recently, CollegeHumor.com created the Sims Horror Movie Trailer, presenting a frightening world in which real life people all turn out to be Sims characters, living entirely at the mercy of their game-playing masters. Know of any other realistic renditions of unreal things?

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  1. Posted by Eric Brown on 11.15.09 11:46 am

    Egads! That’s creepy!

  2. Posted by Ian Gray on 11.15.09 1:45 pm

    Indeed. But on reflection, his facial proportions reflect pretty accurately how my head feels when I have a really bad hangover ;)