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Mexican Pop Star Makes Sony Walk Their Own Gangplank

Topics: Music | 4 CommentsBy admin | September 8, 2009

Pretty soon the RIAA is going to have to change its name to the Argh!IAA

Sony, the company that tries to infect our computers with spyware & malware, that sues its customers to the tune of 2 million dollars for piracy, that has been investigated themselves for software piracy, and that is guilty by association of corrupting our judicial system, has gotten a tiny taste of their own medicine. Like me, you may not have heard of Mexican mega popstar Alejandro Fern├índez before, but today he’s sort of a hero. It seems that while Sony was in the process of screwing him out an entire album, he turned the tables by having police raid their Mexico City offices to seize thousands of his CD’s, audio masters, and artwork. Sony’s PR people seem to be getting less easily rattled these days; although they expressed that they were “shocked” at the multimillion dollar settlement in their favor when suing a customer for piracy, they apparently are only “surprised and disappointed” by the recent raid. Personally, I think we should all show our support by buying some Alejandro Fern├índez songs. And I think Sony needs to just chill out. Don’t they know that pirates are ten times more likely to buy music than other people?

Now that he’s got his music back he looks like he’s ready to kick Sony’s ass too:

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