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269 Reasons Why Wyclef Shouldn’t Run For President Of Haiti

Topics: Politics | Add A CommentBy admin | August 6, 2010

Someone needs to tell Wyclef that Autotune doesn’t work on countries.

Reason 269: This Hat

How about every second of this video, which is basically an advertisement for a company that among other things tries to screw its own artists and sue its customers, and features the aging white master of third world exploitation famous for screwing pretty much every artist involved in the making of Graceland. Or maybe reason #268, which is that he may not qualify as a candidate anyway. I say this all in jest of course – who knows, maybe Wyclef as the president of Haiti is a great idea. Maybe the devastated island nation would actually benefit somehow from the excessive use of autotune. But joking aside, Wyclef as president of any nation sounds like a bad idea to me for the same reason that Bono, Bob Geldof, or Peter Gabriel as a nation’s leader sounds like a bad idea. No matter how much one may admire the artist or their philanthropic activities, they are still – at their core – people who made their living shilling corporate products in one of the most greed-driven and image conscious industries on the planet. What do YOU think? Is Wyclef as president a good idea?

And don’t make me explain the irony of the guy behind this video being the president of Haiti.

Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)