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If You Liked Boxing Helena, You’ll Love Hisss

Topics: Popular Media | 1 CommentBy admin | September 29, 2009

For once the hissing at a Jennifer Lynch film may be coming from the screen rather than the audience.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that ophiophiliac friend of yours, search no more. Slated for release on December 25, 2009 is director Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss. Starring Bollywood’s Mallika Sherawat and shot on location in India, the film is only Lynch’s second in the 15 years since Boxing Helena. Which isn’t surprising; Boxing Helena was like watching a film version of the Aristocrats joke. At the time it was rolled out as a brilliant and edgy film by David Lynch’s daughter, and in an incredible bait-and-switch, turned out to be one of the worst movies of the 90′s, winning a Golden Raspberry Award in 1994 for worst director. In fact, it was so horrible that it was comical, and actually left you wondering if that was its intention in the first place. It also was worthy of note as one of the first films that established actor Julian Sands’ presence in a film as a warning sign that the film would be horrifically awful. I sometimes wonder though if Boxing Helena wasn’t just ahead of its time; the movie Teeth managed to walk that same line with blackly humorous results in 2007. Hisss was originally titled Nagin, after the Indian myth of a vengeful snake woman. The film was perhaps retitled because there are two older Bollywood films called Nagin, rather than for American marketing, as some sources have suggested.

The Trailer for Hisss

I LOVE this clip from the 1976 film. Kind of like a 70′s Bollywood bhangra rave.

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