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Long Line At The Body-Mod Shop? It’s Okay To Take Cuts

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | 4 CommentsBy admin | May 7, 2009

Does ANY form of body modification really qualify as normal?

The Pince-nez Becomes The Pierce-nez

[Please Note: many of these links are NSFW] We’ve touched on body modification before (see tattoos for teeth, self-embedding, or self-harm coverups), but I must confess my own eccentricities and open-mindedness leave me perplexed as to what I really feel about body modification of any kind. Although I’ve done some self-branding, I would probably never get a tattoo, unless it was for some ritualistic purpose. At the same time I admire nice ink work on my friends. I think most cosmetic surgery is a mistake – we’ve all seen the more dramatic examples – but even more “successful” work leaves me befuddled. For instance, I think almost all the breasts in this cosmetic surgeon’s folio were more attractive before the surgery. So where is “normal” in all of this? I find it hard to believe that a person who endures the discomfort and resulting permanent alteration of getting a tattoo doesn’t have something going on besides merely adorning themselves, but the limited studies that have been done on the topic suggest that although a person with tattoos is perceived negatively by others (especially if they’re a woman) there’s little to support the notion that they’re aberrant; in fact, one of the few comprehensive studies suggests they’re simply risk-taking personality types. And even when referring to less fashion-oriented body-modding like self-cutting, it seems to have a positive side. Personally, I kind of have to draw the line at things like the pierce-nez (even the pince-nez is hard to pull off, unless you’re Morpheus), corset piercings, or head implants (for the record, the guy in that head implant link apparently is a little aberrant, he’s up on teen sex charges). But who am I to judge? If you’re interested in a little DIY modding of your own, check out this Instructables Guide To Elf Ears, or 8 awesome things you can implant into your body. And if you’re not emo enough to really cut yourself, there’s always the on line self-cutting generator.

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  1. Posted by Lam Yam-Ying on 05.07.09 6:05 pm

    Normally I do not go in for the body modification stuff but this lace-up back number is absolutely yummy!!

  2. Posted by » Help Pick The Dissociated Press Best Of 2009 - Dissociated Press on 12.29.09 11:32 pm

    [...] In the lifestyle department, we introduced you to people you’ll probably never meet (or want to) like Gore Lolitas and Juggalo Furries, offered up some tips on running away to join the circus, and explained why it’s okay to take cuts at the body-mod shop. [...]

  3. Posted by Jose on 02.13.10 11:40 pm

    Yeah, I am not either into body modification stuff, but this lady looks just great. I wonder if she’s using lace-up underwear :D

  4. Posted by Caitlin on 04.14.10 7:47 pm

    Way to pierce her crooked. *thumbsup*