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Real Tiny Cities, Tiny Real Cities

Topics: Popular Media | Add A CommentBy admin | March 12, 2009

Fun with miniatures and tilt shift photography.

You may have heard of tilt-shift photography before, or at least seen examples of it. What is our fascination with tiny things? While some people spend all their time making tiny cities that are remarkably realistic, others spend all their time making real cities look unrealistic. That first link is the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg Germany, the second is an actual photo of London manipulated to look like a miniature. The best examples of this kind of work use actual optics to achieve the effect, but if you want to try your hand at it without the investment, there are plenty of tilt-shift Photoshop tutorials , and now there’s even an iPhone app. The online tool at TiltShiftMaker.com will also let you upload your own photos and add the effect. Tilt shift can be even more fun with video; the clip at left is from Sydney Australia’s Mardi Gras 2009. It was created by Sydney-based photographer Keith Loutit, who has more clips on Vimeo. One of my favorites is Helpless, in which Greenpeace activists and sand sculptors build a 17-metre sculpture of a fin whale on Sydney’s Bondi Beach to send a message to the Japanese Government in protest of its controversial whaling program. For more still image examples see this collection at Smashing Magazine .

Can you tell which ones are tilt-shift?