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Kutiman Remixes YouTube

Topics: Music | 6 CommentsBy admin | March 13, 2009

Israeli remix artist Kutiman takes worst of YouTube and creates the best of mashups

I secretly hold dear a belief that there’s an incredible harmony at the core of the chaos that is contemporary user-generated media. Well, an Israeli artist named Kutiman proves it with his project ThruYOU. You know all those misanthropic, socially awkward musician types you might find playing music in videos on YouTube, as if they were stars in some imaginary band? Well, even they didn’t realize it, but they WERE. Kutiman did something absolutely INCREDIBLE – and I can only imagine to be mind-numbingly tedious – by sorting through an amazingly diverse collection of YouTube tutorial and demo clips, and then assembling them into mashups and grooves that are in my opinion imminently listenable. I hope this guy gets some kind of distribution deal or financial reward for this stuff. One of my faves, I M New, is featured here. The easiest way to watch them in order is at ThruYOU, but he also of course has a YouTube page. He seems like a very cool and mellow guy; just check out his version of an “about” page. He also apparently does original work; see his MySpace page. Kind of cool dubby jazzy funky grooves, but I personally think his gift is with the mashup.

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  1. Posted by Dojo Nick on 03.14.09 9:02 pm

    Just when I thought it was safe to visit dissociatedpress.com again… ‘mabout to spend an entire evening chasing down mashups. All hail Ian!

  2. Posted by Dojo Nick on 03.14.09 9:27 pm

    Okay, dangit, did you see the Roland SH-1000 for sale on ebay ad on Kutiman’s “Someday”? Does the sound he’s using ring any bells, Ian?

  3. Posted by admin on 03.14.09 10:56 pm

    Aren’t his YouTube mashups really kind of amazing? Must admit I wasn’t stunned by his actual music though, if the MySpace stuff was an indicator.

    And yes, the synth sound reminded me of long rehearsals spent wanting to strangle bandmates I loved for their obsession with wah wah sounds on my synths, haha. It also reminded me of that song “Einstein Rainscare” where you and Charles got two of the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard with just metal pipes. Especially that bizarre choral voice sound that I’m convinced to this day was created by the presence of elemental spirits or something…it sounded like hundreds of people, and there was no delay on it…I have a tape somewhere…

  4. Posted by Dojo Nick on 03.15.09 9:25 pm

    Everybody exceeded their pay grade on Einstein Rainscare. It was an inspired piece. Too bad the cold war’s over!

  5. Posted by Giri on 03.19.09 3:49 pm


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