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We’re Havin’ Us A Party & We Want You All To Come

Topics: Holidays | 2 CommentsBy admin | December 20, 2008

The Winter Solstice – It’s not just for virgins and goat’s heads any more…

Orgasms: Mutual is Good,
Global is Gooder

Yes, Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell are a couple of tree-hugging peaceniks, but they have an idea just about anybody can get behind, so to speak. Let’s all contribute to Peace, Justice, and slowing Global Warming (although if we do our job, things should be heating up a little) by doing the deed* with someone we love this Sunday, which is the third annual Global Orgasm Day. As much as I’d love to give the gift of global orgasm myself, I’ll unfortunately be sitting this one out. I just can’t see falling in love with someone by Sunday afternoon. Don’t let that stop you though. Apparently the project was put in motion by Baring Witness (Naked & Not-For-Profit!), and is measured by Random Event Generators operated by The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, of all places. Science, Sex, and Sunday – what a great combination, and it’s for the benefit of everyone. Maybe you could use that to motivate a less energetic partner: “but honey, it’s for world peace!”

*I got really stuck for a cute euphemism there, in spite of owning three slang dictionaries. Anybody have a suggestion?

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