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Maybe 2008 Wasn’t So Great, But 2009 Is Looking Just Fine

Topics: Holidays | 4 CommentsBy admin | December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

If you’re planning to reverse your normal blood/alcohol ratio this evening, be sure to check out our New Year’s drinking tips. Whatever you do tonight, I wish you all the best for 2009. 2008 wasn’t so bad for me, but for many, it will probably go down in history as one of the worst years since 1348, which always puts things in perspective. Now THAT was a bad year. A quick Google search though, tells us that 2008 was the worst year ever for Wall Street, a bad year for restaurants, the second worst year on record for weather-related disasters a “terrible” year for the number of disaster victims worldwide, the worst year for ad revenue so far, the worst¬† year ever for the global economy, that home sales were the worst in a decade,¬† and also that some feel it was the worst movie year ever, although they say that every year. Like I always say: “NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE is worse than hyperbole!” So let’s get on with life. 2008 was a cakewalk. Just wait until 2012, which, ironically, may end up being the worst movie of 2009…So tell me, how was YOUR 2008?

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  1. Posted by TeacherPatti on 12.31.08 1:45 pm

    Right! We didn’t have a plague (or the bird flu pandemic…that’s about all 2008 was missing).
    For me personally, 2008 was great. I almost feel guilty about that. In fact, I do feel guilty. But, except for my wedding, I had a crappy 2000 when everyone else apparently was making oodles of money, so maybe it’s just karma balancing things out?

  2. Posted by admin on 12.31.08 11:18 pm

    I knew it, TeacherPatti…you’re part of a vast conspiracy to make things go right, and you already launched your evil scheme in 2008. Wishing you more of the same in 2009!

  3. Posted by TeacherPatti on 01.01.09 5:55 pm

    Ohhh, that website made my eyes bleed. It’s like the email that my MIL sent me that was all, “I can pay bills! That means I have a job and should be happy! I fell on my ass getting out of bed! That means that I have legs and should be happy!” Okay yeah, but still.

  4. Posted by » Auld Lang Syne, Two-Thousand-Nine - Dissociated Press on 12.31.09 1:13 pm

    [...] in all, 2009 wasn’t so bad. It was better than 2008 anyway, which was – according to many sources – the worst year ever. And it has the perk of being the end of a pretty scary, if un-nameable, [...]