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Do YOU Have A Best Of 2008?

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | 3 CommentsBy admin | December 27, 2008

What was great in ’08? Care to opine on ’09?

Well, Fimoculous¬† has fleshed out their best of 2008 list, so you won’t be seeing any annoying “ten best whatever” lists around here (except the condensed Pitchfork Top 50). That Fimoculous list always kind of wraps it up. I think for a lot of us the single best thing that happened in 2008 is a no-brainer; it would have to be that whole Change thing. Hard to top that. [See comments for explanation of this strikethrough]¬† For me personally, 2008 was unique in that for the first time in my life (since about fourth grade, anyway) I went a whole year not only without a partner, but I don’t think I even went on a DATE. I’m taking applications for 2009 by the way (I may have lost my looks and be dwelling in poverty, but I’m still a nice guy). MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH, I’d love to know what stood out for YOU in 2008, or what you look forward to in 2009. That little comment link works, you know. Have at it. What was great in ’08? Care to opine on ’09?

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  1. Posted by Beatrix on 12.27.08 8:50 am

    Ian, an editorial note:
    Do you think readers actually care about you love life?

    I gotta agree that Obama is a 10 best list all by himself!

    All I want for 2009 is for the economy to not crash and burn…

  2. Posted by admin on 12.27.08 10:10 am

    Hey Beatrix, I half agree, and you actually have a journalism degree, so I concede to a strikethrough, but not a deletion. At least I can spell “your” though. Didn’t they teach you that stuff at Brown?


    I’m with you on the economy thing though!

  3. Posted by TeacherPatti on 12.27.08 1:31 pm

    Two words: internet dating. That is how I met my husband (almost 10 years ago!). I am the pickiest woman in the world and my #1 problem was that I knew/know I didn’t/don’t want to breed. I put that in my ad, and Jeff felt the same way (about that and other things) and the rest is history. :)

    One of my best days was also Election Day…I woke up the next day still not believing it. I was and am so, so proud of our country!