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Celibacy: The Abridged Virgin

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | Add A CommentBy admin | December 28, 2008

The Miracle Of Virgin Rebirth

Maintaining celibacy is probably easier
for some people than for others.

Recently I was joking with a couple of friends about the age old question “How long do you have to go without sex before you’re a virgin again?” There was a consensus that women were more capable of being themselves without a man, so there was a significant gender imbalance. We agreed on something like about a year for men and maybe three years for women. We were kidding around of course; I had no idea people actually took the concept seriously. Although the poor soul who asked Yahoo Answers the question “Can u get virgin again??” was probably a little disheartened by the responses, apparently there are people out there who are serious about reclaiming their virginity through faith. Go ahead and laugh, but remember that (while science may dispute the claims) more than one world religion owes their entire history to the existence of a virgin who actually gave birth! So although it used to be true that virginity was the one thing you’d never find once you lost it, technology is changing all of that. For a mere USD 14.90 you can purchase an Artificial Hymen (for a more in-depth look at this topic see this piece on the surgical re-virgining business in China). There’s even software designed specifically to help you recover your long-lost purity. If, on the other hand you still have your virginity and are trying to get rid of it, there is again a gender imbalance. If you’re a man, this graph quickly sums up your dilemma. But if you’re a woman, your virginity might even help pay for college. And all this obsession with virginity finally makes clear to me why my otherwise hip friends were so happy to take their daughters to Jonas Brothers concerts…