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Halloween With Ben & Hank. And Bert. And Ernie. And A Sheep

Topics: Holidays | 3 CommentsBy admin | October 18, 2008

More horrifying than a $700 Billion Bailout

For many, one of the most horrifying things this Halloween will be simply knowing that Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke are the guys in charge of managing what may be the greatest financial crisis in America’s history. Embrace the horror with these creepy (and expensive) Ben and Hank masks. Okay, so maybe your 401K’s taken a beating and you don’t feel like dropping eighty bucks for a one-time gag. Using little more than ping pong balls, transform yourself into a surreal Homer Simpson, or a somewhat satanic version of Sesame Street’s Bert & Ernie. Still on a reasonable budget, especially if you’re on the OB/GYN team at the local hospital, is this inventive birth in progress costume. You’ll probably want to have a high comfort-level with your costume partner though. Speaking of comfort levels, I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time sitting down if you’re wearing this whoopee cushion getup. And lastly, I can’t help thinking that you’d have to be quite a sheep lover (in more ways than one) to come up with this one.

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