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PunkTards Rule

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture, Music, Popular Media | 1 CommentBy admin | June 28, 2008

Differently-abled punk band Heavy Load are out to demonstrate that disability rocks.

The temptation to make jokes about how I’ve never met a punk band member who wasn’t differently-abled or worthy of a term like “punktard” (hey, did I just coin a phrase?) is overwhelming, but I’m too grown up and what these guys are doing is just too cool. Meet Heavy Load, “Brighton’s Answer to the Ramones” (their words). These guys are on a “mission to demonstrate that disability rocks”. Learn more about them at HeavyLoad.org. There’s also a movie being made about them, and they’re running Stay Up Late, “A campaign for people with learning disabilities…fighting for the right to party!” Being a gimp has never been so hip. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Differently-Abled Brother.

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  1. Posted by » MTV Raises Programming IQ With “How’s Your News?” - Dissociated Press on 02.06.09 2:11 am

    [...] Tired of the vain stupidity of the typical entertainment or news show hosts employed by major networks? Shake up your perception of television news with MTV’s new program How’s Your News?, hosted by people with disabilities. I have a sister with Down Syndrome (probably one of the nicer people I know) and I’m a bit of a ‘tard myself, so it’s refreshing to see a program like this. The potential for appearing to be exploitive is incredibly high, but as one of the creators (Matt Stone, of South Park fame) has been quick to point out: “We weren’t worried about being associated with them, we were worried about them being associated with us“. If I’d known this crew was covering the Grammies, I might’ve actually tuned in this year (see clip featured at left). After years of MTV basing most of their programming on “normally abled” people who act like retards, it’s a bold and dicey move (and probably a step up in quality) to air a show like this. Inspired by the 1999 film How’s Your News?, the program debuts Sunday, February 8. See the MTV trailer here. I’d love to see the “Where’s Your News?” crew cover “disability rockers” Heavy Load. [...]