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Just Around the Benz: A Petrol-Free Mercedes

Topics: Clean & Green, Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | June 30, 2008

Mercedes Benz to offer a petrol-free product line by 2015?

If the buzz is true, Mercedes Benz intends to offer a petroleum-free product line by 2015. Apparently, they’re already making considerable investments to head in this direction. A daring commitment like this should be an inspiration to other manufacturers, and would be quite fitting, since it was Karl Benz who is generally credited with producing the world’s first gasoline-powered auto. The idea of a silent Mercedes reminds of a bit of humor: As a waiter some years ago, I was serving a British couple who were having dinner with a German gentleman. Throughout the dinner the German fellow – who was in town on business with the recently merged Daimler/Chrysler – kept saying things about “Daimler this” and “Daimler that”. Finally the British woman said: “I’m sorry, isn’t the new company called ‘Daimler Chrysler’?” to which the German fellow replied: “I’m afraid the ‘Chrysler’ is silent”. In any case, if an electric Mercedes of the future looks anything like the hybrid F700 pictured here, count me in. This could just be some viral PR; as of this writing there are no official releases from Mercedes Benz, just a lot of industry buzz.