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The Virtue of Shellfishness: Weebl’s Greatest Hits

Topics: Music | Add A CommentBy admin | February 7, 2013

Do the surreal creations of Cyriak, SecretAgentBob, and Weebl constitute a genre? Who cares. Watch hours disappear as you watch clip after one minute clip.

Somewhere in the surreal realm between the audiovisual creations of Cyriak (who brought us cows & cows & cows, Baaa, and Welcome to Kitty City) and the musical animated storytelling of SecretAgentBob (who brought us Charlie the Unicorn and Ferrets) lies the repetitiously brilliant creations of mr weebl (we’ve included a few of these videos below). Is this a genre? I can’t decide. The musical portions of Cyriak and Weebl’s clips seem to reside somewhere in the microgenres of Bitpop or Chiptune, but to be honest, I decided to stop keeping track of microgenres ten minutes after I first heard the term back in the early nineties. So we’ll just let these offbeat creations be what they are. We’re focusing on Weebl today, because in spite of having the largest volume of work of the three on line by far, I personally didn’t know who he was until today, when I ran across Shrimp Glockenspiel. Why are internerds so shellfish with their clever links? Once I paid a little more attention, I quickly realized I was familiar with his NSFW Amazing Horse and Narwhals; I just didn’t realize he had such a huge body of work. You’re likely to either love Weebl (British flash animator Jonti Picking ) or hate him. His 200+ YouTube clips have received tens of millions of views, but his TV ad for Yell 118 247 Directory Heaven earned him the honor of sixth most irritating ad of 2009. Which I guess is actually a positive assessment when discussing TV commercials. Below are what I’d consider weebl’s “greatest hits”. If you actually like the music itself, he has hundreds of tunes on Amazon, and a ton of apps on iTunes as Weebl’s Stuff Ltd . More clips below.

Shrimp Glockenspiel
Not bad, but needs more shark cowbell.

Cute Explosion
This is kind of like if the first Simple Minds album were made in the age of Nyan Cat

Ladies, ladies. I know all about makin’ babies.

Russian Dancing Men
Does what it says. Plus, a ballpoint pen.

The disturbing truth about Simon Cowell is finally revealed.

And you’re probably already familiar with Badgers, but I bet you didn’t know it’s now available in Dubstep:

And for the truly uninitiated when it comes to this peculiar art form, we’ve included SecretAgentBob’s Charlie the Unicorn, as well as Cyriak’s Welcome to Kitty City and cows & cows & cows.