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This Week’s Missing Links: Inauguration Bootybombs, The Mouse from Hell, And More

Topics: Missing Links | Add A CommentBy admin | January 22, 2013

Beyonce’s butt beats Bieber’s, the Lupe Fiasco Fiasco, a cute cat video, and a badass mouse that howls at the moon and eats scorpions and tarantulas.

Apparently, Beyonce isn’t the
first thing on Bill’s mind…

It probably says something about America that the real buzz about the presidential inauguration yesterday wasn’t driven by Obama’s inspiring vision for the next four years, but focused instead on the first inaugural use of the word “gay”, on who won the Clarkson & Beyonce smackdown, the Lupe Fiasco fiasco, and perhaps most importantly, on which politician sneaked the most peeks at Beyonce’s rear (see below). Frankly, I don’t see how their eyes were aiming so low, with President Obama’s Ceremonial Drone Flyover roaring overhead. We promise to get to the bottom of this issue below, butt first, some shopping tips and YouTubidity:

This Week’s Internet Shopping Tip: How To Spot Fake Jordans

Apparently, the genuine logo doesn’t have a butt crack:


And, the week in….

Obligatory Kitten Helping With Laundry Video:


Those jumping skills will come in handy if that kitty ever runs into this guy. Sure, his howling at the moon is cute, but this little bastard steals other rodents’ homes, and eats tarantulas and Scorpions for breakfast:

The “A-Z of Epidemiology: germs from Anthrax to Zoonoses” is a cutely morbid bedtime book for kids in video form, which clearly owes a lot to Edward Gorey’s classic The Gashlycrumb Tinies:

For the record, my personal favorite from the The Gashlycrumb Tinies has always been Neville:

Accidental Inauguration Photobombs

And now, let’s end with the butt talk you’ve all been waiting for. In spite of Justin Bieber’s desperate attempts to get his ass looked at this weekend, the world’s eyes were fixed on Beyonce’s instead. Or at least the politicians’ eyes were:

Oh, so THAT’S what they mean by “the president’s vision”:

And like a good VP, Biden seems to share Obama’s view of things:

As always though, ol’ Bill seems to have his own ideas: